Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Log watching me blog while he's playing with his toys....:) Really, this picture should be last but I always upload things in the wrong order and then I'm too lazy to re-d0 it!
Really trying to figure out his toys....he mostly just bangs his hands up and down on his tray and knocks the toys off but every once and a while he gets one in his hands and you can tell he is REALLY proud. I'm thinking he will be right handed because he does all of his banging with his right hand....but we'll see I guess!
Just being the sweetest thing ever.

Bahahaha my little elf:)

Log had another playdate with all of his buddies yesterday but I forgot my camera so I will have to wait until the other Mommy's put pictures on their blogs to show you:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Logan Has Been Up To!

Log has become even more interested in the TV lately....Expecially when he is watching hunting shows and Da Bears with his Daddy:)
Oooohhh!!! What a BIG Boy!! We tried cereal this week! He was a little confused, but he did pretty well for his first time!

I got these puppy slippers for Log a while ago and he never wore them until I took these pictures and they are almost too small....that seems to be happening a lot with his clothing as well...I guess I'm just in denial about how big he is getting! (And no, he is not wearing a dress, this is his "puppy sac" (as Chad and I like to call it) and its PJ's!) I think this picture does a good job showing why Chad's family's nickname for Logan is Keebs...his little elfy ears are really out there:)

He went through a phase where he would not snuggle for anything! But now he is my little snuggler again:)
He has also learned to cough recently and fakes it any chance he gets. I'm pretty sure he thinks he is talking when he does it, silly boy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Pictures

Here are some of my faves from our first family pictures:)

Chad was dissapointed after the pictures because apparently he has a beautiful smile and he should have "lit it up" a little more than he did. Hahaha

Monday, November 3, 2008


My Snuggly Little Bear!
Here we've got Logi the Bear, Gavin the Turtle, and of course, Super Emma!

Here are the "two buddies" as Miss Emma would say hanging out before they went trick-or-treating! I feel like Emma should cherish these times. These times when the boys can't walk, talk, or torture her together during these fun visits!

Saftey First! I'm glad Chad and Trav's Uncle Jeff found these light up Devil Horns before we left...Wouldn't want Daddy to get run over by a hay rack driving through town! Which by the way, I think is the smart way to trick-or-treat...After all you can take all of your friends, get to twice as many houses twice as fast and have that much more time to eat all of your candy! The Bad Boy Buggy that chad is dying to have for hunting is starting to sound more and more useful;)
It would have been great if we could have pulled Logan away from the tedious task of trying to find his thumb while we were taking family pictures, but he wasn't having any of that! Ha-ha.
We could not have asked for a better night for Logan's first trick-or-treating experience! We hadn't planned on taking Logan but since it was a gorgeous night and Emma and Gavin were going we figured, why not? I think he, Gavin, and Emma (besides a few scares from a ferocious kitty and super scary puppy) had a great time!