Monday, December 7, 2009

15 Months

Log was in the 70th and 75th percentile again for height and weight when we saw his doctor a couple of weeks ago! I think the worst part, (aside from the shots) for Logan, was waiting in the small, boring exam room for his doctor. Logan spent most of the wait time banging on the door saying "go, go" and trying to convince me to put his shoes and socks back on him.
Dr. Boe said Logman looks like a very healthy, strong boy! And that he is:) Holding him down for shots was no easy task! He took the first shot in stride, with a little growl...but on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th he was screeeeeeaming bloody murder and looking at me like I was a she-Devil for subjecting him to this kind of torture!

He has become even more vocal the last few weeks and we are starting to understand a few more words. Aside from his favorites, Mama, Dada, Uh-oh and Wow, we are starting to hear dog, ball, Iggy(gee), Let's go (go go), Here you go (ee-go), and even a Thank you (a-oo)! What a gentleman I am raising!

Our friends, the Walker's, stayed with us this past weekend and with them they brought their dog, Jazzy! Jazzy is a minature schnauzer so she was JUST the right size! Logan was a HUGE fan! I think when Ross came back from hunting on Sunday night to pick Jazzy up to head back home she was MORE than ready to go. All Logan wanted to do was touch her nose and pet her and I think all that Jazzy wanted to do was relax! After seeing how much he loved her I think a pet would be a sweet addition to our little family....Chad does not! Haha

Although I think Log will ALWAYS be a Mama's Boy he has really been wanting more Daddy time lately! If Chad is gone before Log wakes up we have to go into every room just tomake sure that Daddy isn't hiding somewhere! haha

We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Logan had a great time walking around at Owen's looking at all of the different trees! His favorites were the flocked trees:)

Excited on the way home to get the tree in the house!
Can you see Chad in there hanging the Christmas lights!? Hahaha

Logan had a great time riding around in his Jeep while Daddy put our lights up! We did have a Jeep on Jeep collision that ended in tragedy. Daddy's Jeep now has a booboo on it's bumper! Ha, But who could be mad at that face!?
Chad and Logan in their Carhart gear....Daddy's looks a little shabby next to Logan's!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Log Man was a sad little turkey because he was just not feeling the greatest....I think it may have had something to do with his shots because he doing MUCH better today!

See....he was sooo tired he had to rest on his cousin, Hayden.
Log isn't great at looking at the this is the best fam shot we got!

I love his little rabbit teeth!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Logan,

Although I really do love the stage you are at the right now, I need a little less growing, running, talking, playing and destroying and little more of.....
Love, Mommy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Little Monkey

The night before Halloween Log, his grandma's and I went to the spooktacular at the Wellness Center in Hopedale. Log basically just ran in circles the whole time because there was soooo much for him to look at and (try to)do! He was a little too small for a lot of the projects but I think next year will be perfect!

Log's first cake walk...he won a Bride of Frankenstein twinkie for his Daddy since he has to miss the Spoooktacular for work.

We decorated a Cookie which Log snacked on for the remainder of the time we spent at the Wellness Center!

This bobbing for duckies game was his favorite...and I think you can see why he won a prize for his costume, he was such a precious little monkey man! I didn't get to take any pictures of him trick or treating or handing candy out to other trick or treaters because my camera died, bummer! But we video taped it so that made me feel a little better!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tanner's Orchard #2

I was pretty bummed yesterday when Mommy didn't take me to see Aunt Taylor and to go to Tanner's Orchard...but this morning when I woke up I was relieved when I heard Daddy say he didn't have any dumb cases and could take Mommy and I to the Orchard.
I was not a huge fan of the LOOOONG ride there but once we arrived I checked my attitude and did lots of fun stuff..

......I got measured....Which honestly wasn't that cool but Mommy insisted.

I got to play with the Billy Goats! These were my favorite. After everything I did I lead Mom and Dad back to these. Daddy kept making me whipe my hands and I have no idea why, these guys didn't look dirty at all to me...

Daddy and I road a pretty cool bus.
I wanted to drive but Dad said I am still a little young. Maybe next year:)

Mommy and Daddy kept trying to get me to climb into this train...And at first I wasn't sure why because it looked pretty lame to me but THEN I saw a big kid get on so I decided I would give it a chance.

And this tunnel was sweet, I looooove tunnels but I had never seen one that wasn't made out of blankets and furniture.

This maze was pretty dumb and I think it was for little kids but I humored Daddy and let him lead me through it.

Let's be honest, I knew I wasn't going to be able to leave the place without posing for a couple of pictures with the pumpkins so Mommy can look back at last years and talk about how big I've gotten and how time goes by WAY too quickly!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Was Kidding Myself............

...When I thought I could take some cute fall pictures of Logy with my SUPER slow digital camera....I neeeeeeeeeeed a point and click!!
"Howling" at the annnoooooying dogs that live in our neighborhood that NEVER stop barking, I'm glad that Logan enjoys them! haha

This is the closest we got to him looking at the camera...I had to hold my phone above the camera!

Bucky Beaver!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tilt Head to the Left.

I have been a very bad Mommy blogger lately....or since Logan began moving around on his own! I am trying though, here are some sweet pictures of my little cutie!!
I swear all of this pictures are flipped on my computer but for whatever reason they did not flip when they were uploaded....Anyhow, he is Log enjoying an Oatmeal Creme Cookie and some Cantaloupe!
Playing Football

Hiking the ball like Daddy taught him

Helping Daddy put together his new wagon:)

And...More helping!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Our Little Man made it to his first birthday! We are so relieved because trust me, we had our doubts. Some days it seemed like he was just TRYING to crack his baby head open! I am guessing this will only get worse as he perfects his running skills. (so excited for running.....)
He got LOTS of snacks for his birthday....I guess people know our Logy better than we thought!! But at his doctor appointment today he had actually LOST a few ounces from about a month ago when he was at the doctor for a cold! I think it must be from all of the running around he has been doing! He is now 23 lbs and 7oz (60%) and 31 inches long(80%) and I don't remember what his head circumference is(and I can't find the paper Dr.Boe gives us with his measurements, oops!) but he is in the 50th percentile. Such a relief...last time his head measurement was way higher than his body measurements...and I'm thinking that as he gets less top heavy we will have fewer head to corner incidents!

Logan LOVED having all of his little buddies over for the party...but I think he was a bit concerned when i put his snack bowl on the floor so he could know how he is about snacks! haha All of the babies are getting soooo big...Stop growing!

The only thing Logan is not enjoying right now is being in communication limbo...he knows what he wants and he knows that he wants to say it but when he tries it still comes out in that has brought about a few sad faces (cough, temper tantrums, cough). But I think he is being too hard on himself....he can do all of the important ones like Mom and Daddy and when we do flash cards it sounds a lot like he is getting the hang of dog, which is his favorite card. I know I have been a blog slacker this summer but I am really going to try to keep everyone updated because Logan really is changing everyday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sine You're Almost 11 Months.....

I guess I should do a 10 Month post.... Time just flies with this little man, I can NOT believe in a month and a half he will be 1! A toddler!

Whether it be good or bad, Logan is learning something new everyday! He is getting more and more stubborn and definately has a one track mind. There is no more "out of sight, out of mind." Come to think of it, that has been out the window for a while.

Still no walking, but he is taking those few random steps here and there....and I'm pretty sure he thinks about walking a lot, I can just tell.

He is getting more agressive when he wants Mommy's attention. Insteadd of yelling he now yells and pulls on my legs...adorable (ha). It also seems like he gets frusterated more easily....his biggest enemies right now are his pedi ped box and a few choice books because he can't open them everytime he tries. He just looks at me like "Uh, Mommy... little help here?"

Log Man's favorite toys are his Curious George and Blue Bear. He makes monkey noises (oo oo, ah ah) whem he sees either of them. I guess we will work on bear noises next! ha! He loves crawling around on the couch and sitting in Daddy's recliner.

He thinks he is such a big boy now, but Mommy has some news....he will always be a baby if he knows what's good for him!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet Baby Pictures:)

Awwwww my precious little man:)
Splashing around:) He was really more interested in the rocks next to the pool than he was the pool itself.

What a cheese ball. He's about to fly away I think with those ears:)

Logan and Daddy on Father's Day at one of Daddy's favorite places, Bonanza! (Daddy is a big fan of buffets haha)

And here he is scrubba-dub-dubbin' after a long, hard week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Many Messes, So Little Time!

I love Mckmama as much as the next Mommy blog Stalker, but baby wearing? I mean, your baby is a human, not a cardigan....So were my previous thoughts, but if I had been wearing my child this morning, like a good Mama, he would not have been able to......

- Find the one cabinet that does not have a lock and empty it of its contents (paper towel, toilet paper, napkins, old easter candy)
-Tip over the kitchen garbage can and pour the remains of a soda on himself
- Open the door to the bathroom (Mommy didn't get it latched), unravel the toilet paper roll, tip over the garbage can, put up the lid to the toilet and splash around......and then put some of the trash from the garbage can into the toilet.
-Came back into the laundry room and give Mama a sweet smile:)

This all happened while I was in the laundry room folding ONE load of laundry, I guess I can't accuse the kid of being lazy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stats and a Fort Tunnel

Height: 281/2 inches (50%)
Weight: 22 lbs (50%)
Head Circumference: 18 inches(70%, big brains!)

Log was having lots of fun at the doctor's office playing with books and toys I brought for him in the waiting room but as soon as we got into the examination room he was not could definitely tell that he was just nervous. When I laid him on the scale he lost it....and was even less enthused about being measured! Ha, needless to say snacks were brought out very quickly. He didn't have any shots, just a finger prick and while the nurse was pricking and taking blood he just sat there calm as can be letting her hold one and hand and snacking with the other....So to recap...Logan is afraid of being weighed and measure but being poked with a needle is no sweat. Logan was still in a bad mood when his Daddy got home from work so daddy built him and tunnel fort to bring up his spirits, it definitely worked. He spent what seemed like forever (the whole time I made dinner) going back and forth through the tunnel and he laughed the whole time! I think he is starting to realize Daddy is more fun during playtime than Mommy!