Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Then & Now

Log's first day of Pre-school:

And Log's last day of Pre-school:

How big did boy get over the course of one school year??! Log had to leave school about a month early because, oh yeah, we moved! Since he missed about a month we signed him up for a summer session of Pre-school which starts June 4th.

I asked Log what his favorite part of Pre-school this year was and he said, "the big glasses!!! And my friends and I love Miss Mikki!" Cutest boy ever! (his teachers name is actually Miss Nikki but Log has always pronounced it "Mikki" ha!)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

So cute!

"Um, Mommy...will you marry me? Uh-cause you are berry cute and so nice!"


"Ok 'Cause I love you berry much!!!"

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Move for the Kids 5k

So I ran a 5K last weekend with some awesome ladies (see below!)

This race was extra special because it was in memory of my friend, Brooke's, baby girl Charlotte Victoria! Baby Charlotte lost her battle with Charge Syndrome in February and spent most of her time here on Earth @ the Children's Hospital in Chicago. This 5k raised money for the NEW Children's hospital! Raising 1,000 dollars would have put Charlotte's name on a plaque in the hospital but Brooke was able to raise FOUR THOUSAND!!! Talk about a Mama on a mission.

I think it's so awesome that Brooke does things like this to keep Charlotte's memory alive. Every time I see the color pink I think of that gorgeous little girl and her incredible journey.

I wasn't sure if I should make a post about this since it's not MY story to tell but decided to because of the HUGE impact Charlotte's journey had on our family. We never got to meet baby girl but through her story we drew closer to each other, to God and realized how truly blessed we are! I want to always be able to read back on our blog and remember the sweet girl that changed us forever!

Team Charlotte runners and one REALLY FAST walker! There were I think 5 more walkers not pictured!!

PS- Brooke and I both PR'd in the pouring rain! My official time was 25:09-- Miss Charlotte must have known we'd all be extra motivated to cross the finish line if we were cold and wet!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today after playing in his room for a while Logan came down to the kitchen where I was making dinner and said to me, "I just ate a sticker!" (very proudly)
"What? Why?!" (more shocked than I should have been considering who I was talking to) "I was just a little curious." (very matter-of-factly)
....perfect example of why we lock up the bleach.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Children's Discovery

This weekend we had a playdate with Clayton @ The Children's Discovery Museum.... The boys played so well together and I didn't think they would ever leave the 2nd floor...the farming floor:) But to all of our surprise the boys loved the stage/painting area just as much!

While the boys played Lynley just did a lot of watching....and hanging out with the girls! Sister loves Aunt Taylor:)

After the museum we met up with Alisha @ Firehouse and had some pizza....I'd give the pizza a 9 and the service a 2.....but still fun!

Uptown Normal is so cute...we had fun just walking around and the boys LOVED picking out their own toppings @ the frozen yogurt shop.

Another bonus- on the way to the museum we saw Spider Man! He was making an appearance @ the comic shop so both of the boys got to see him from the car...Logan was surprised that Spider Man was in Bloomington...he said to me, "I didn't know Spider Man was in this city!" and Clayton wanted to know who was in Spider Man, haha...he was talking about Peter Parker:)

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