Thursday, December 9, 2010


Logan has been LOVING the snow! We have been really suprised by how long he wants to stay outside! He was of course beyond excited when he got to help Daddy clear a couple driveways onthe four wheeler and cannot get enough of sledding...He just lays down on the sled while Chad whips him around the hills behind out house...he doesn't even mind flipping off...He just wipes his little face off and says "More sled Dada?" haha
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MISSING: Curious George
Height: 16 inches
Weight: 8 oz.
Last Seen: With the onry looking character in the red.

It's really no wonder George is missing, Logan carries him around everywhere and like his mother, would lose his head if it were not attached....We know he is somewhere in the house because we don't take him out with us but the mystery remains....WHERE IS CURIOUS GEORGE?

In other news...the little boy in the red is potty trained...We had a couple of potty issues the first time we tried a few weeks ago (i.e. the potty cover we got him did not have a high enough gaurd to stop the peepee from going everywhere) sooo once we got him a little frog potty he has been doing a great job...even with number two...One more step towards being a man!

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This is Logan's new little buddy, Hermey (like the dentist/elf from Rudolph). Hermey has been stopping by every day to make sure Log is being a good little boy and then reporting back to the Big Jolly Man himself, Santa! Every morning Log gets REALLY excited when he finds Hermey and usually wants to carry him around for a while...

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Card

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Watching...

Can you see the little man up there watching the farmers on their combine???
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Handsome Little Man

I guess I could be bias...but Logan is hands down the cutest baby ever.


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Atlanta Fall Festival

Dozer Days

At Dozer Days Log....
Got Lots of Should Rides.....
Climbed Lots of Stairs......

Played with Lots of Rocks.....

And saw LOTS of "racties" (tractors) as Log called them.

...And it was a pretty sunny day:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Swimmer!

We went to this cove a couple of times to park and float while we were at the lake this last week. The first time we went there were two ducks swimming around us the whole time. I'm talking within a few feet...Log loved them. He wouldn't stop yelling "Quack quack!" and "DUCK."

Chad and I were really happy that he liked the water so much considering it got up to 104 degrees! It was a scorcher, but not too bad if the boat was moving or you were in the water.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Daddy's Caddy

As soon as Logy learns how to count he will be the perfect Caddy! I think Daddy liked that he couldn't count on this round;) Just kidding, Chad. You are a pro.