Thursday, June 30, 2011


Logan: I give Lynley a under dog? (while Lynley is in her baby swing)
Me: No....better not, babies don't like under dogs.
Logan: (to Lynley) Oh baby, you no fun!

Update on Lynley...she is as sweet as can be. After Logan I had no idea a baby could be so laid back. She is perfectly content to lay in your arms and look around or just hang out in her swing. Nights haven't been bad but days are definitely harder when you are low on sleep with a newborn and a 3 year old.(duh)

Log has been a great big brother. We have yet to see any signs of jealousy other than a slight melt down when we put his old mobile in Lynley's room...but that was easily remedied.. Log decided to give Lynley his new projection music player and that he would just keep the old mobile:) the mobile lays next to his bed and sings him to sleep, ha! Whatever works, right?

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day

Chad's Father's Day got off to a pretty cute start:)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Addition

Lynley Mae
6lbs. 6oz.
19 1/2 in.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water park

Today we met Brooke and Clayton at the water park for a little fun in the sun....the boys had the time of their little toddler lies and it was nice because I didn't have to be the only preggers strutting my stuff around in a swim suit....:)

Yes, this is the only picture I got off the boys during the 3 hours we were there...I forgot my camera and do NOT trust myself with my phone in the water. I think Clayton is about to steal Log's doritos...Can't blame him, Doritos are delish!

Both boys seriously love the water so it was the perfect place for a play date and the perfect way to get a good nap out of my buddy!

This was Log on the ride home...
Lights out, folks. Had to make a quick stop at Target after the water park and then we met up with Chad for an early dinner and he didn't even wake up to eat. He slept in the booth next to me...he was one seriously tired little man. He also slept on the way home from the restaurant and for another hour or so on the couch when we got home.

If you're wondering, yes he did eventually wake up from his sun induced coma...@ about 6...Just in time to watch some George, help Daddy wash the four wheelers, take a bath and go back to bed!

When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was he told me "Everything!!!"

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Friday, June 3, 2011

First of Many?

Logan has always been a bruiser and Chad has warned me time and again that trips to the ER are definitely in our future. I just didn't think our first would be so soon!

This morning we were getting ready to head to my OB apt and Logan tripped in the garage and flew into the cement step leading into our house. He was behind me when it happened so when he first reached for me crying and buried his head into my shoulder I wasn't sure what happened but when he looked up at me this is what I saw....

I of course put him right in the car and headed to the ER. I sent this picture to Chad to get his opinion when I was on my way and of course had to call Taylor Brand, RN to make sure I was doing the right thing!

He only cried for about a minute but then he just looked so sad...seriously, poor guy! He was a big trooper at the hospital, letting all the nurses and doctor look at his "biiig bump."

By the time we were in the ER room the goose egg had gone down quite a bit. The doctor had Logan eat some Graham crackers and drink some juice to make sure he didn't get sick and then we just waited a bit and were released!

Proof that little boys are resilient.... Pictures Log took of himself while waiting to be checked out by a nurse.....

You can see how much it went down just in the car ride from Atlanta to Bloomington. I think this experience was way more traumatic for me then for Logan who just acted like it was an inconvenience to his day. As we were leaving the ER Logan was very concerned that we were not going to be able to go to the water park....crazy kid just took 5 years off my life and he's worried about his afternoon plans!

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