Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Room

Here are a couple things I made for Logy's room....and a few things I didn't...and there are a few things missing, but here it is for the most part.
After I made these I didn't know if I wanted to use them in the room....but then I walked in there one day and Chad was hanging, decision made. Please note, that not only did Chad hang these he also helped me paint the frames green, what a good little Daddy:)
I made these too:)

This is the sign over Logan's bed...I'd bet it's true.

And THIS is his crib...I can't wait to put him in it:)


Laura said...

What a darling little baby room you have there! I cannot wait till little Logan is in his crib too! Won't be long!

Laura :)

Anonymous said...

OMG love the room!! You are so creative. I'd make stuff like that and it would turn out like crap lol.