Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Before you look at these pictures I just want you to know that I am not, nor do I claim to be Ansel Adams. I took them at night AND apparently I don't have the most steady of hands because a lot of them are blurry....But I had lots of fun decorating this year because I actually got to do more than a tree! ...What I am not looking for is finding a place to store all of this stuff AFTER Christmas.....I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it!
I got this feather tree thing at Eskaba ( I don't know how to do links. It's the neatest little store in Armington. I got this one and another one 50% off because they are fall decorations I guess but I think they are still pretty Christmasy.
My Gram gave me this wreath (and about 20 other things) because she just doesn't have the room for all of her decorations. When I got it it was all gold and not quite my style so I just took it apart and then put it back together! Taylor had to come over and teach me how to make that bow!

More purchases from Eskaba. ShirlGirl gave me those angels for an early Christmas present...SO cute:) AND I'm pretty excited because she called Chad and told him she would be sending me some hand me down decorations...yay!

Of course I had to incorporate a picture of Logan into my Christmas decorating. That upside down thing is a "cloche" I think....Well, it's not but that is what I am trying to get it to look like..I don't know exactly what a cloche is, but Laura got one at Eskaba and it was neat so I thought I would try to have one...I made way to many wreathy things out of that holly berry they are all over.

Awww I love this lantern...mostly because I don't think I'll move it from this spot all year, I'll just put different things inside it.

The mistle toe you see hanging from the ceiling fan was Chad's contribution

The full mantel....these are obvioulsy supposed to be in a different order, but I just don't pay attention when I'm uploading.

Logy's first tree! He loves it. There are feathers and pine cones and acorns and little birds (Chad's idea, I'm sure he would want credit) in it...I think out of all of the trees Chad and I have had this is my fave...

Annnd...the tree again.


Laura said...

Rhendy everything looks great! Your tree is beautiful! Don't you just love the angels, I love mine too!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Rhendy! Thanks for stoppin by my place...yours is looking beautiful. Love your tree! Your little guy is adorable. My NOT so little guy is now 11..they grow fast. Decoupage is really easy. You buy glue...called Mod Podge and basically cut any image out you like and glue to things. cherry

Brooke said...

What great decorations!!!! I think we are getting our tree this weekend.....Clayton misses Logan.