Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wait, what?

Maybe it is my fault for googling teething... but I am insulted! All I wanted were few tips on how to sooth little boy that is cutting his first few teeth and this is what I get...

"Try giving your child a smooth, hard teething ring. Some children like a cold teething ring. Do not tie the ring around the child's neck. It could catch on something and strangle the child."

A slap in the face! Are you kidding me???? Like I would tie anything around Logan's neck! I can't leave him alone in a room while wearing a bib, let alone with something actually tied around his chubby little neck....I would hate to imagine a parent that reads this and and thinks "Phew, dodged a bullet by reading that brilliant piece of advice!"


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meghanbreeze said...

We used Hylands teething tablets, they are all natural, so no side effects. Great to use during the day. You can find them at Target, Walmart and Walgreens. Also, Tylenol is a life saver at night :)