Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Many Messes, So Little Time!

I love Mckmama as much as the next Mommy blog Stalker, but baby wearing? I mean, your baby is a human, not a cardigan....So were my previous thoughts, but if I had been wearing my child this morning, like a good Mama, he would not have been able to......

- Find the one cabinet that does not have a lock and empty it of its contents (paper towel, toilet paper, napkins, old easter candy)
-Tip over the kitchen garbage can and pour the remains of a soda on himself
- Open the door to the bathroom (Mommy didn't get it latched), unravel the toilet paper roll, tip over the garbage can, put up the lid to the toilet and splash around......and then put some of the trash from the garbage can into the toilet.
-Came back into the laundry room and give Mama a sweet smile:)

This all happened while I was in the laundry room folding ONE load of laundry, I guess I can't accuse the kid of being lazy.

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Laura said...

Haha! That's my nephew!