Monday, December 7, 2009

15 Months

Log was in the 70th and 75th percentile again for height and weight when we saw his doctor a couple of weeks ago! I think the worst part, (aside from the shots) for Logan, was waiting in the small, boring exam room for his doctor. Logan spent most of the wait time banging on the door saying "go, go" and trying to convince me to put his shoes and socks back on him.
Dr. Boe said Logman looks like a very healthy, strong boy! And that he is:) Holding him down for shots was no easy task! He took the first shot in stride, with a little growl...but on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th he was screeeeeeaming bloody murder and looking at me like I was a she-Devil for subjecting him to this kind of torture!

He has become even more vocal the last few weeks and we are starting to understand a few more words. Aside from his favorites, Mama, Dada, Uh-oh and Wow, we are starting to hear dog, ball, Iggy(gee), Let's go (go go), Here you go (ee-go), and even a Thank you (a-oo)! What a gentleman I am raising!

Our friends, the Walker's, stayed with us this past weekend and with them they brought their dog, Jazzy! Jazzy is a minature schnauzer so she was JUST the right size! Logan was a HUGE fan! I think when Ross came back from hunting on Sunday night to pick Jazzy up to head back home she was MORE than ready to go. All Logan wanted to do was touch her nose and pet her and I think all that Jazzy wanted to do was relax! After seeing how much he loved her I think a pet would be a sweet addition to our little family....Chad does not! Haha

Although I think Log will ALWAYS be a Mama's Boy he has really been wanting more Daddy time lately! If Chad is gone before Log wakes up we have to go into every room just tomake sure that Daddy isn't hiding somewhere! haha

We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Logan had a great time walking around at Owen's looking at all of the different trees! His favorites were the flocked trees:)

Excited on the way home to get the tree in the house!
Can you see Chad in there hanging the Christmas lights!? Hahaha

Logan had a great time riding around in his Jeep while Daddy put our lights up! We did have a Jeep on Jeep collision that ended in tragedy. Daddy's Jeep now has a booboo on it's bumper! Ha, But who could be mad at that face!?
Chad and Logan in their Carhart gear....Daddy's looks a little shabby next to Logan's!

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