Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Swimmer!

We went to this cove a couple of times to park and float while we were at the lake this last week. The first time we went there were two ducks swimming around us the whole time. I'm talking within a few feet...Log loved them. He wouldn't stop yelling "Quack quack!" and "DUCK."

Chad and I were really happy that he liked the water so much considering it got up to 104 degrees! It was a scorcher, but not too bad if the boat was moving or you were in the water.


Baby Eli :) said...

omg he does that sooo good and he looks so cute! did you teach him how to swim on his own like that or did he go thru lessons? that's soooo good!

Rhendy said...

He has taken swim lessons but he just would jump off the back of the boat and do that, it suprised us for sure! haha.