Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I felt pretty blessed this year to spend Mother's Day with this funny little man.....

And thinking about having this little girl with us next year made it even better:)

I'm 34 weeks here.

Size of baby: According to babycenter she should be around 4 pounds!
Maternity Clothing: I'm wearing all of my normal work out attire but everything else is maternity.
Gender: Still a girl!
Movement: Lots of movement, sometimes I feel like she is trying to kick her way out of my belly...
Sleep: Log was running a pretty high temp for a few days last week and was up and down all night but besides that I have been sleeping really well:)
What I miss: I stopped teaching my Body Pump class and I have really been missing that!
Cravings: Just food in general. Always. Hungry.
Symptoms: A little heartburn...
Best Moments: asking Logan who is in my belly and his answer being "My bee-bee sisser Linny (Lynley)...she tuck in der!"
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