Thursday, July 14, 2011

Super Hero Song

Chad is always singing songs....not real songs more like speaking in song....(I know...) Anyway, Logan has started to pick up this started with "Logan song" then "Nana Song" and there was even a "Tay Tay song." Today I walked by the toy room and heard Logan singing what I think is his super hero song...went a little like this:

I'm a super hero, I fly so fast because I'm super hero LOGAN!!! (the Logan was really emphasized)
Super hero Lynney is a monster BABY!!!! ( he says this bc the baby on incredibles turns into a little read monster)
Super hero Mommy makes SNACKS!!!
Super hero Daddy is STRONG!!!

Lyrical genius.

Another funny story: Logan called his cousin, Gavin (who he usually refers to as super hero Gavin) and when Gavin answered he said "Hi Logan, it's Captain America!"

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Laura said...

Logan, you are just too cute!

Britni said...

haha.. aww this made me laugh. too cute.