Monday, May 7, 2012

Children's Discovery

This weekend we had a playdate with Clayton @ The Children's Discovery Museum.... The boys played so well together and I didn't think they would ever leave the 2nd floor...the farming floor:) But to all of our surprise the boys loved the stage/painting area just as much!

While the boys played Lynley just did a lot of watching....and hanging out with the girls! Sister loves Aunt Taylor:)

After the museum we met up with Alisha @ Firehouse and had some pizza....I'd give the pizza a 9 and the service a 2.....but still fun!

Uptown Normal is so cute...we had fun just walking around and the boys LOVED picking out their own toppings @ the frozen yogurt shop.

Another bonus- on the way to the museum we saw Spider Man! He was making an appearance @ the comic shop so both of the boys got to see him from the car...Logan was surprised that Spider Man was in Bloomington...he said to me, "I didn't know Spider Man was in this city!" and Clayton wanted to know who was in Spider Man, haha...he was talking about Peter Parker:)

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