Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Logy's big one month birthday! He's getting better at holdhing his head up...but as you can see fromt the picture below he's not all the way there yet....hahah:) He definately knows mine and Chadly's voices and he is following them with his eyes now...Gosh, hes just getting so big!! He celebrated the big day by watching Da Bears game with his Daddy....
This is Chad teaching Logy a 3 point's an action shot because Log doesn't quite have those neck muscles in check yet:)

All of his Bears outfits are still too we had to improvise.

Chad helping Logy tell everyone that Da Bears are Number 1!!


Laura said...

What a cutie!

Laura West said...

This is adorable Rhendy! He is so precious!! It makes me so excited that our little guy will be here on the 26th!

There is only one problem - he's rooting for the wrong team - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are better! :)