Monday, September 8, 2008


Chad's brother and his family came to visit this weekend so Logy finally got to meet his cousin "G" who is a month and a day older than he was crazy to see how much difference a month actually makes. Log is a little chunk so G doesn't look too much bigger, but when you hold them you can definately FEEL the difference, G is a brickhouse! And when he gets excited he makes a funny little snorting went great with Logan's grunt, haha:)

Here are the new buddies just hanging out:)

E loves her cousin, "Baby Wogan" awww:)

Aaaaand this is just me and my babe...he sure does love his Mommy:)

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Laura said...

Hey! Send me a copy of those two pictures, they are so cute! E has been talking about Logan non stop since we got back! Too cute!

Laura :)