Tuesday, January 20, 2009

5 Months already!?

Are you kidding me?! There is no way that when I leave the room with my little tiny baby on one side of it he has somehow rolled and scootched all the way to other side and found something completely inappropriate to gnaw on, is there? I mean, it cannot possibly be that my sweet little precious angel now makes so much noise when he plays that his Mommy is wondering how awful being deaf really would be, can it?

Our little man is quite the mover and shaker these days! I remember when I couldn't wait for him to crawl...now... I love his jumperoo because it keeps him in one spot! He isn't crawling right yet, but he is doing the little booty rock and he thinks he's pretty neat. He has also recently discovered a new pitch, unheard (seriously) by anyone but he and I....and it's because of this I know he has no future what so ever in the music industry.
He could however have a future in the competitive eating circuit. Logy loooooves his baby food!! His faves are peas and bananas.....and green beans, and squash, and sweet potatoes, and apples....Ok, we have yet to find a food he doesn't love! I can't wait to start giving him sippy cups because he loves picking up his bottle and feeding himself:)

He's sitting up long enough for us to sit him up in the bathtub but I would still never leave his side because every once in a while he topples right on over, which he does not find too amusing!We visit the doctor on Feb. 18th for his 6 month check up and I'm excited but it's also a little scary because it seems like a lot more starts happening at 6 months...and I have a feeling I'm going to have a rowdy one on my hands once he reeeally gets moving!

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