Sunday, March 22, 2009

7 Months

A lot has happened since Logan turned 7, he got his own cell phone! (His Daddy's old one)
And he's been standing up on everything and even starting to walk around the coffee table a little bit!

AND this is the last time you will see Logan with his baby hair! He got his first hair cut last week but the pictures are on Kathy's phone so I will have to catch you up on that when she uploads them! (The two pictures abover show the new do though!)

We had our first day out in the sun and did suprisingly well with our sunglasses!

Ha-Ha could he been anymore dorky!? What a sweet little man...


Baby Eli :) said...

Awwww what a cutie he is!!! I can't believe he is 7 months already!! I'm so happy for you Rhen! He looks like both of you I think :] Do you stay at home with him??? I go back to work next Monday and I am soooo dreading it soooo much and having a very tough time :[ I hope to be a stay at home Mom til Eli (and prolly future kids haha) are in preschool... I can't stand the thought of leaving him :[ Anyway, hope all is well!!!! :]

Baby Eli :) said...

Yes we definitely will have have a playdate sometime! That would be fun! Well I totally see why you ended up wanting to stay home with Logan, cuz I am theeee exact same way! I am totally loving the baby world too haha! It's gunna be hard:[Noah's Mom is watchin him Mon and Tues, I am off Weds bc I work 4 10 hour days, and then my Mom is watchin him Thurs and Fri! I looove who is watchin him, just do not want to be away from him or leave him ya know? Whoever knew it would be this hard!!! Do you guys live in Btown or Normal? I can't get over how cute Logan is!!!! :]

Baby Eli :) said...

We live in Mackinaw! That's cool you guys bought a house in Atlanta!!!! Congrats :]

Laura said...

Ah!! I love the shades!! So stinkin cute!!

You're moving to Atlanta?! Which house?! We've looked a few there! That's so sweet - we'll have to get the boys together or something since we'll be so close!! :) I can't believe our boys are growing so fast! Keller will be 6 months already next week!! Time sure is flying!

Laura said...

We are in Waynesville - so we are so close! I'm not sure on which house that is, havent been out that way in a while. But I love those houses out there!

Haha Keller has about 3 girlfriends already but he could def use another! Haha!

Are you guys moved in yet? Or just starting to get things going?

I love that you got Logan's hair cut already! I've been wanting to get Keller's trimed because soon its going to be covering his little eye balls! And yes - his lashes - he's a heartbreaker! :)