Friday, March 27, 2009

Is My Baby a Tween?

If not, he has definately adopted the attitued of one! He just wants me to leave him alone to chew on twist ties, pull on lamp cords, and shake things off of tables! Every time I have removed him from one of these situations he grunts and yells "MAMAMAMAMAMA" at me! I don't think so mister....I think we need to get this move over, it's throwing us all out of whack!

When will he start understanding the meaning of the word "No?" Does he understand it now and it just messing with me? If so he does a pretty good impression of a confused baby when I'm yelling "Noooooo!! Don't put your finger in there!!" (When he discovered the only outlet left in the house without a baby safety cover)

Our days of sitting things on the coffee table (like coffee) are over. He is getting smart and starting to take a few steps around the coffee table so his reach is expanding. While I don't think walking is in the immediate future, standing may be and I am not ready for that...I swear the say I put my baby down and he stands instead of sitting this Mommy will be a wreck...because he won't be a baby anymore! When do they officially turn into toddlers?

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Laura said...

Oh, little Logan is getting so big! These boys when together are going to be nothing but trouble!