Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nobody Told Me....

Laura (I finally figured out how to make a link, go me!) tagged me to post a few things that nobody ever told me about Motherhood, so here it is.

Nobody ever told me that what I was bringing home from the hospital was not a precious baby boy, but a poop machine!

Nobody ever told me that babies can make a mess out of anything....ANYTHING, seriously give Logan a block and a rattle...and leave the'll see what I mean.

Nobody ever told me that once your child learns to crawl you will acquire another shadow.

Nobody ever told me that Logan would actually be able to sense when I was sitting down for a meal and would, at that moment, need something, anything, so terribly that he would not be able to stop screaming until I delivered....and my meal was cold.

Nobody ever told me that between 5 and 6 months your child's reach increases from about 12 inches to 10 feet....And anything in that area will be knocked over and then gnawed on!

I'd heard that toddlers sometimes revert back to infantile behavior when a baby is born to get more attention, but Nobody ever told me that this sometimes happens to grown men;)
Nobody ever told me that sharp corners and hard surfaces contain a magnetic force that actually draws baby heads to them!
Nobody ever told me that the poop, the messes, the poopy messes, the broken stuff, and all of the cold lean cuisines(yuck) wouldn't bother me after Logan gives me a big drooly smooch! (Another thing nobody ever told me about)
And I tag....Brooke!

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Laura said...

So cute and so true!!!! One more thing no one told you, it doesn't get any easier, haha!!