Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Little Man!

Logan has been busier than usual lately...With three new teeth poking through and a LOT of things to explore insides, and now OUTSIDE this kid barely has a free moment to suck his thumb! But he does find the time...the baby that once fought sleep to no end will now take breaks from playing by laying on the ground with this snuggie and thumb in his mouth...tooooo cute:)
He loved walking up and down the driveway in his little Jeep! His shades kill me...
He actually kept his flippies on for quite a while....they looked so cute on his chubby little toes

He is getting a little more used to grass...buuutt sometimes he is still not a huge fan. Like is this picture where he is bear crawling so his legs don't have to touch it!

Stuck! Maybe next time you will listen to your Mommy when she tells you not to try to crawl betwttn the side table and couch!

I guess this is one way to play with your tunnel!


Laura said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Where did you get that Jeep?!?! It's too cute!!! He is getting so big!

Laura said...

When do I get to see my favorite nephew again? He is getting sooo big! Cutie!