Monday, May 17, 2010

First 5k

Logan in s Spinny thing at the park. After this picture he got down and banged his head into it because he was so dizzy. haha...Good news is I think he'll live to fight another day!
Clayton, Taylor(5K Baby Watcher), and Logan

(Alisha, Brooke, Myself, & Mr. Logan)

This weekend I ran my first ever 5k! I ran it with Alisha and Brooke and I'm so glad because otherwise I would have been all over the place with my pace. It was obvious that they are runners and I am not because I thought I was going to die towards the end. BUT I am pumped to run another and to be a lot more dedicated to my training because it fell to the wayside after I went to BodyPump training and I felt it! I don't know what my exact time but it was in the 28 something arena...not too shabby. When it's posted on the website I will let you know!

ALSO for next time I need to get an ipod arm band because I nearly lost it to a creek using the old "tuck it in your sports bra" method. AND some new shoes because my feet were falling asleep near the end. i just thought, "Oh, Weird." I have since been informed that when you buy running shoes you should get a whole size bigger so your feet have room to move. Good. To. Know.

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