Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Big 0-1!!

Lyn you are a little peanut! At 19 lbs you are in the 40% in weight! I can't remember your length but you were in the 50th percentile there:)

You are standing alone and cruising all over the furniture....I am more than ok with you not walking yet. In fact I am little nervous for the day that you decide you'd like to be able to run around as fast as your brother...Lord help us!

Your favorite things are your snuggie (blanket) and paci! We try to keep them both in bed most of the time but you have been sad lately (molars are poking through!) so I have been pretty lax on that rule!

Miss Mae you loved all of your birthday present but you favorite is this little princess car from Nana Tami! You just think you are big stuff when you are walking around behind it!

You are definitely a water baby! Your brother loved the water at this age also but you just don't have any fear! Always putting your face in the water and crawling as deep as your little arms will let you!

Logan is definitely high on the list of favorite people but you have started to let brother know when you have had enough of his craziness in your area, haha! You love when he gives you kisses and it's probably the cutest thing i have ever seen!!

Daddy and I love watching out sweet little Miss Mae grow and know we are extremely lucky to have not one but TWO little Bradshaw Babies to love on:)

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