Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year we were in the Ozarks on Log's birthday so we headed to Captain Ron's for some pirate festivities! It was also close to Cousin Nolan's birthday so Log was excited to share the day!

Driving the 'Gyspy Rose' with Captain Jack Sparrow! Logan was extremely serious while driving because driving a pirate ship is not a joke!

Heading out to Sea! (A drive around the cove) there were two "pirates" and a "Captain" on the ship. They had a treasure map and told cute stories and pirate jokes. Logan was really into yelling "Scurvy Dog!!!" and "Argh!"

After the ship ride we docked and went onto land for a treasure hunt! Of course "X" marked the spot and the birthday boys got digging! The dug up a treasure chest with all kinds of pirates booty inside!

After all the excitement we came back to the restaurant for cake and presents. Log had an awesome time...I mean what four year old wouldn't love a pirate birthday?!

We found a baby pirate along the way....

Log also practiced driving a more practical boat....

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