Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

A Bug and her Daddy....

A Super Hero & his Mommy...

Log & Lyn had a great Halloween this year. It was chilly so we only took Lyn around to a few neighbors' we knew would want to see her all dressed up. After that Chad took Log around the neighborhood to get all the candy they could;) Aside from a run in with an escapee-dog from one house he had a great time and was hyped up on sugar for a good portion o the night....the kid can eat some skittles!!

We didn't have many trick or treaters which was a little sad! In Atlanta it seemed like we stayed by the door the whole night to keep up and this year we had lots of down time between groups.

Lyn LOVED passing out candy- and of course all of the trick or treaters loved getting their candy from a cute little lady bug!!

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