Sunday, December 16, 2012

Log's First hunt

This year Chad built a blind to put on the hunting property so Log might be able to go out and sit with him and maybe catch a glimpse of a deer.  He never thought the first time Log went out he would get to see his Papa shoot a deer! 
Everyone I tell asks if he was scared or sad about the deer but he really wasn't. He has seen his Daddy bring home multiple deer every hunting season so to him it's not weird or scary or a big deal....just what is supposed to happen.  He tells me that Daddy has to shoot deer to "feed the family" and so "there aren't too many deer bothering everybody." 
 The biggest story he had for me when he came home was that he touched the deers eyeball....GROSS. No one can accuse the child of being anything less than all boy!!:) 

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