Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals for 2013

Few things in life make me happier than marking things off of a list.  I tend to be scatter brained so lists help me keep focused. This year I have decided to blog my list to keep myself more accountable and also to look back at the end of this year and be able to see what  have accomplished and what I need to transfer on to the next years list:)

As a Family:
-Increase our in, more than a 20 in the offering plate at church, donating to the food bank more than once a year over the holidays, etc, etc. I feel like our family is constantly being blessed and we need to start spreading it around!
-Take more weekend trips. In the past this has intimidated us because we had a couple weekenders when Logan was younger than turned out to be just miserable....but since Log & Lyn have gotten older these trips have become more enjoyable and we always make really good memories!
-Stop eating out so much!! 
As a Mom:
-Stop rushing through things. Sometimes I find myself rushing to the gym, the grocery store, through bath time, and lunch time and I have no idea why....Who do I have to answer to? Who is making my deadlines?? Um, me...So I need to just start taking my time and enjoy this time I have with the kiddos while they are little!
As a Wife:
-Do one extra nice thing for Chad a week. Since I stay at home I find it easy to say I'm doing nice things for Chad every week when really I'm just doing my job.  I don't think folding his socks and picking up his dry cleaning really make him feel special, ha! 
For Me:
-Sub 2:00 Half Marathon
-Be able to do 3 pull ups
Wish me luck:)

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