Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Logan's First Play Date!

We were very excited when Brooke and Clayton asked us to go to a playdate at Lindsey and Audrey's house! When we got their Logan was sleeping because car rides always send him into a bit of a he is resting up for the big playdate!
Audrey is not a big fan of tummy time but she was a trooper for a couple of pictures! Can you believe Logan is only one day older than her?? She is such a petite little girl!! The difference between the girls and the boys was so cute! The girls even had little girly cries!
All the babies in a row:) Kinley, Clayton, Logan (the chubby one with the Hammer Pants on, haha), Audrey, and Ethan... Clayton could not be bothered to wake up for pictures, we even tried stripping him to get him up, but nothing worked!
I think there was a little love connection between Audrey and Logan.
She kept a pretty tight grip on Logan's shirt to make sure he didn'tgo anywhere when we were taking pictures:)
Ohhh! look who woke up:) Clayton is already almost as long as Logan and they are a month apart...he does still have some room to catch up in the tummy department though!
Ha-Ha look at Clayton sticking out his tounge....I only got a few pics of these two that were not action shots because one of them is always moving!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, soooooo cute! Logan is getting so big, I cannot wait to see him next weekend!

Lindsey said...

Audrey is practicing her tummy time for the next time she sees Logan!!