Thursday, June 30, 2011


Logan: I give Lynley a under dog? (while Lynley is in her baby swing)
Me: No....better not, babies don't like under dogs.
Logan: (to Lynley) Oh baby, you no fun!

Update on Lynley...she is as sweet as can be. After Logan I had no idea a baby could be so laid back. She is perfectly content to lay in your arms and look around or just hang out in her swing. Nights haven't been bad but days are definitely harder when you are low on sleep with a newborn and a 3 year old.(duh)

Log has been a great big brother. We have yet to see any signs of jealousy other than a slight melt down when we put his old mobile in Lynley's room...but that was easily remedied.. Log decided to give Lynley his new projection music player and that he would just keep the old mobile:) the mobile lays next to his bed and sings him to sleep, ha! Whatever works, right?

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